Wish program

WISH: What Inspires Students' Hearts

Project Lemonade created the WISH program, What Inspires Students’ Hearts, to help foster youth attain their educational or enrichment goals. Through educational and extra-curricular achievement, we aim to inspire self-esteem in the foster youth served by WISH. The WISH program provides small grants to foster youth to offset the cost of activities and experiences such as summer camps, music lessons, and tutoring.

WISH Criteria:

  • WISH serves youth ages 5 & up who have an open DHS case

  • Qualifying WISHes inspire self-esteem by meeting an education or enrichment need. Items that may fall outside the criteria are toys, electronics (except those meeting educational need), housing-related items.

  • WISHes should fund up to maximum of $350

How does the WISH program work?

  1. Foster youth, family or caseworker submits a WISH using the form below.

  2. WISH program committee reviews WISHes on a weekly basis and approves based on program fund availability and WISH criteria. We will review and respond to each WISH and clarify information as needed.

  3. Project Lemonade must pay vendors directly. We do not reimburse individuals.

  4. We welcome and encourage youth receiving WISHes to send a follow-up letter or email to share the impact of the WISH to 1008 Lloyd Center, Portland, OR 97232.

For more information about this program please contact wish@projectlemonadepdx.org.

submit a wish

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Project Lemonade purchases WISHes directly. Please list the name/number of the organization to pay or item you wish to purchase, title of lesson/camp/etc, number of lessons, etc. If you don't know all the details, that's OK. Are there additional organizations or people helping to fund this WISH?
If so, what and when, and was it granted?
Include your and your guardian's contact information (phone, address, email if you have one.)
Also include your caseworker's name and contact information.