your kind words are the reason we do this.

My two little ones who came to shop were so excited about the clothes they got that they slept in them that night. Thank you for making my kids so happy!
Everything was great! Thank you so much for the help your organization is doing to help the foster care system families.
This is such a great program. You have awesome clothes and my foster daughter looks forward to it yearly. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work.
Brought all my girls down yesterday, they had a lot of fun and didn’t feel like “foster kids.” They are teenagers, and this is the first time going to an event like this that they didn’t complain about feeling like they are less than! So props to all of you who put this together and making the girls feel good.
I am 19 years old and go to an expensive private school on scholarship. All the other girls go shopping and buy stuff I could never afford, even when I really need it. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to fit in with my peers and helping to boost my confidence.