Why We Do This

There are approximately 13,000 children in the foster care system in Oregon. Budget reductions have practically eliminated state-issued clothing vouchers which foster families use to purchase clothing. The cost of feeding and housing a foster child can already be a financial strain on many families; providing clothes creates an additional hardship.  Foster youth need the same stuff as any other: they outgrow their shoes.  Their jeans fray. They lose their socks, just like any kid.  But unlike other kids, many foster youth move frequently, sometimes suddenly, and can fit all of their belongings into a single plastic trash bag. 

This is why Project Lemonade was created. We help provide basic clothing, shoes, coats and backpacks.

Each year we are inspired by the amazing youth who visit the Project Lemonade store.  They're thankful to have a cheerful place where they can get these basic items, a place they feel welcome. Sometimes in their faces we see the burden and stress they carry, but we also see their smiles when they try on a new pair of comfortable shoes and check themselves out in the mirror. 

Project Lemonade is here to be one more valuable resource for these youth as they navigate challenges no child should know.