Youth Volunteering

Youth love volunteering at Project Lemonade. Organize a class group or coordinate a group of friends to come in and lend a hand.  Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to foster friendships, learn new skills and develop a lifelong love of supporting the needs of our community.


  • Organize a nearly new clothing drive at your school.

  • Coordinate a group to help prep our store for the annual shopping event.

  • Organizing fundraising events at your school that will benefit Project Lemonade.

What would our volunteers do for Project Lemonade at the store? Your group will work together to help inventory new merchandise, tag clothing or sort new donations. The work and tasks vary through out the season.

What is the age range for youth volunteers and how many in a group? Youth volunteer group sizes vary based on age and ability.  Youth volunteer group sizes vary based on age and ability.

When can a youth group volunteer? Depending on the season and availability, generally hours are between 9:00 - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday but weekend projects are available as well.

How do we schedule a youth volunteer group?  Contact us at