project lemonade store

About The Store

The Project Lemonade store is open year-round to serve the needs of foster youth. Each year we serve 2,000 youth from over 24 counties in Oregon and Washington. The store provides a welcoming environment staffed with trained volunteers, where youth can select from a range of new and nearly new clothes, shoes, backpacks and accessories.

Make an Appointment

Foster youth ages 5 & up with an open DHS case or home safety are eligible to shop. All youth must have an appointment to shop. Please enter youth’s name when making the appointment.

Shopping FAQ

  • Foster youth ages 5 & up with an open DHS case or home safety are eligible to shop. We ask that youth shop only once per summer.

  • Adult shopping guardian may be asked to show ID (driver's license, etc) at check-in. (It's ok to shop with someone other than the person listed on the appointment, for example if the caseworker made the appointment but the bio parent is the one shopping with the youth).

  • Shoppers will receive a checklist of items they can shop for during their visit. The list will include shoes, pants, tops, outerwear, underwear, socks, accessories, a backpack and more. We have changing rooms onsite.

  • We encourage youth to come to the store to shop if possible. Minor shoppers must be accompanied.

  • We are staffed with trained volunteers who are able to answer questions or be a personal shopping assistant if desired.

  • The closest parking garage is the one on the corner of NE 9th Ave and NE Halsey St. We are located at the west end of the mall.

  • If you have any shopping special requests/needs (uniforms, special sizes, etc), please let us know in advance at